The Mother's day jewelry shops

Wendy H and Wendy P

Mother's Day is a uniquely American celebration. A wonderful opportunity to honor the women who guide and nurture young lives and play a vital role in shaping the next generation. 

In 2009, Wendy Pangburn and her then 11 year-old niece and namesake, Wendy Harrison, set out to honor their own mothers by helping young children in Atlanta celebrate the important women in their lives on this special day.

​ They knew that regardless of family make-up most children have a woman in their lives they depend on --- someone who cares for them, feeds them, clothes them, watches over them when they’re sick, sees they get to school and works to keep them out of harm’s way. While this woman may be their mother, it may also be a grandmother, aunt, big sister or close family friend.

​ Wendy H and Wendy P with lots of help from Wendy H's mom and Wendy P's sister, Judy Harrison decided to focus their efforts on an elementary school in one of Atlanta’s lowest income communities. Judy, an elementary school teacher, knew all the right buttons to push to motivate children at an early age. Together they created a nonprofit organization, which they called “Double Use,” for the purpose of helping these children participate in the celebration of Mother's Day and honor an important person in their lives while learning some important life lessons along they way.

That year, they held the first of what has become their annual, “Mother's Day Jewelry Shop” in that school.

​ They reached out to friends for donations of “gently worn” costume jewelry, which was then displayed in the “shop” at the school on the Friday before Mother's Day. They worked in partnership with the principal of the school who helped students prepare weeks prior. The principal offered opportunities for the children to “earn” a ticket to the shop in the weeks leading to the sale, which they could use to “purchase” their gift.

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